Tamalpais Union High School District

Professional Development Wiki Page Project

by Katy Foster (for EPSY 408, Dr. Linda Vigdor)


The Tamalpais Union High School District sits in the Southern part of Marin County, just north of San Francisco. It is a high-achieving District by all measures with a low dropout rate, high college attendance rate, and high standardized test scores. However, there is a hidden group of students who are not successful in our schools. In August, 2009, the District Board of Trustees adopted a new mission statement for the District:

  • The Tamalpais Union High School District is dedicated to the development of creative, passionate, and self-motivated learners. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for engaged citizenship and able to contribute individually and collaboratively in order to address the challenges of a dynamic and diverse world. To these ends, all students will demonstrate mastery of core competencies and will be offered meaningful learning experiences to enable them to access and critically analyze information, pose substantive questions, and communicate effectively.

All long-term plans since then have been directed toward ensuring that the mission is true for ALL students, not just for the students who are already high-achieving when they come to us. As instructional leaders it is our responsibility to ensure that teachers have the training and opportunity to grow as educators to help meet the needs of this newly targeted group.

This wiki page will take a look at the adult learning needs for the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) teachers, and will explain why the wiki is a great technology tool to support that learning based on the features of a wiki as well as adult learning theory. See the following pages for more information.